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Garden of Samui Wedding and Events Venue

Great planning for Greater Moments

Who are we?

The Garden of Samui is a well-known full-service Thai destination wedding planning firm. With a focus on elegance and refinement from conception to completion, our wedding events cater to the needs of couples seeking their dreamy wedding in Koh Samui.

Each couple's unique narrative and personality are reflected in their Koh Samui wedding venues, complemented by our hallmark Thai hospitality and timeless style. Our wedding events venues in Koh Samui are renowned for their exquisite and unique touches, tailored to suit various wedding styles, including Indian, Western, and Thai weddings.

What’s near by

There are many good resorts located nearby us with very comfortable travel time. 

Nearby resorts with less than 10 minutes travel by car

  • InterContinental Koh Samui (5 KM away) 

  • Avani+ Koh Samui (8 KM away)

  • Nikki Beach Resort (4.5 KM away)

Nearby resorts with travel time between 15-20 minutes 

  • Four Seasons Koh Samui 

  • Conrad Koh Samui 

  • Sasha Resort Koh Samui

  • Mai Samui 

Nearby attractions

  • Samui Elephant Home (6.3 KM away)

  • Nathon local market (8 KM away)

  • Lipa Noi Beach (4.5 KM away)

  • Namuang waterfall (5 KM away)

The Wedding Planners in Koh Samui

Weddings are a special & beautiful moment of life. At Garden of Samui, we ensure that every couple in Asia experiences a splendid occasion with a pure touch of elegance and ethnicity. Our expert team and enthusiastic staff make this personal occasion cherishable and forever memorable. Choose Garden of Samui for the best destination wedding venue in Koh Samui.

Our Event Partner

We take immense pride in being a creative event management company equipped with abundant resources and grand ideas. Over the years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with prestigious brands to curate exceptional experiences for you, whether it's at wedding hotels in Samui or a luxurious wedding resort in Samui. To explore our remarkable partner in event excellence, please visit BLISS Thailand Wedding Planner

Bliss events (Thailand)

Theme and decor 

Selection of a Venue

Choosing a location for a destination Thai wedding in Koh Samui is crucial. Partnered with several hotels, Koh Samui Weddings offers beautiful vistas of the sea and sandy shores. We can transform any setting into a memorable wedding destination as a full-service wedding planning company.

A Booking for a Vendor

Garden of Samui has earned a solid reputation as a reputable wedding planner in Koh Samui. As experts in the area, we negotiate special rates with suppliers and collaborate with various local businesses, from interior designers to makeup artists.

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Weddings with a theme are more memorable than those without. Let our team handle the selection and finalization of your Koh Samui wedding idea and specific design details.

Organizing a Wedding from A to Z

Make your wedding the most unforgettable day of your life by hiring Garden of Samui. Let us take the pressure off you and your loved ones during this exciting time, ensuring a customized and professional experience. Trust our expertise in planning destination weddings in Koh Samui.


The wedding planners at Garden of Samui are the best in Koh Samui. To make our wedding the best day of our lives, their whole staff was professional and led us through the entire process. Your unique selling proposition is the personal touch that you bring to the table, and there is nothing else that can compete with this. The effort, time, and resources that we put into planning and carrying out our wedding were rewarded. You didn't give us a single second to break a sweat. Everything you did, from the transportation to the décor to the after-party care for visitors, was outstanding.


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