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Thai cooking class program at Garden Of Samui!


We have an immersive and beautiful Thai culinary journey for enthusiasts and pros! Please feel free to involve in our magnificent classes that teach you every intricacy of Thai cooking. Our expert team has the perfect arrangements for you. 


Know the Culinary Secrets


You will master the top secrets in our Thai cooking class KohSamui at Garden Of Samui. Our chefs and culinary professionals cover every aspect with a friendly approach. We ignite the passion for Thai cooking in you. Our team assures you that you will love the experience.


A Beautiful Glimpse of Thai Culture


Thai cooking is not only about various dishes. The comprehensive Thai cooking program at Garden Of Samui imbibes rich Thai cultural heritage.


  • There are sublime elements in the learning experience.

  • The Thai cooking class KohSamui has a unique appeal, covering every taste bud from sour, sweet, salty to spicy. 

Extensive Hands-on Learning in a Serene Environment


You don’t learn it if you don’t do it. It is the reason we have hands-on learning arrangements for every participant. There are no worries!


  • We are always there to support and guide you.

  • You will quickly become confident with Thai culinary techniques.

  • The scenic beauty of the Garden Of Samui  will enchant you. The lush greenery and sea breeze will create positive vibes every moment. 


Savor and Get Feedback


You taste what you cook, and so do we! We exchange views and improve. The dishes become more delectable. Every bite and sip will ooze your new-found passion. 


Get in touch


Are you still thinking? Please feel free to contact us to get more information. We are here to clear your doubts. We are prompt in addressing queries with a highly professional approach. You can send an email or write to us. See you in the Thai kitchen!

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