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The Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing The Right Wedding Location In Koh Samui

When determining your budget and the vendors for your wedding, be sure to consider the extra costs such as overtime, taxes, fees, and so on. Make sure you leave space for an "extra" everywhere.

Doing too many things

This is a message intended for brides as well as grooms. The one requirement you must do on your wedding day is dressing up and getting dressed (and smiling!). You must ensure that everything involved in your planning and preparations at the Best Wedding Venue in Koh Samui is completed a day prior. Ask an assistant if there is something to complete, and do not stress yourself out.

Be sure to have that there is an open bar

Caterers can be very secretive when they offer an open bar with various conditions and terms, which they will divulge once you request the terms and conditions. Before you decide to pay an enormous amount, know the number and name of drinks you can get at the bar. Experts from Garden of Eden Thailand at the Best Wedding Venue in Koh Samui, ensure you receive the most top-notch service.

Not paying attention to the staff of wedding organizers

Your wedding coordinator, her assistants, wedding vendors, and even the waiters are up early to ensure your wedding is organized without issue. It is essential to ensure enough food to feed your guests. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that you notice the number of vendors and their assistants as you make your reservations for food items.

Disregarding seating arrangement

Weddings are exhausting not just for the guests but also for guests. Making arrangements for adequate seating and sufficient space is a significant oversight. If you plan to host a wedding with 300 guests, you need to know that your guest list will grow to 350. Also, you must ensure the proper seating arrangements for your guests to feel comfortable.

Not maintaining relevant documentation

When you are married, you may need to modify the name or marital status of your spouse on a variety of papers and also complete any other formalities required by law. During your wedding planning, ensure you keep track of important things such as the marriage certificate, passports, and so on.

Try only a few experiments

The importance of being unique is evident because it is essential to create something unique that can make people remember the wedding. Don't overdo it and create something shocking that will shock the conventional guests.

Vendors with no skills in hiring

Although we'd suggest not interfering in your vendor's work, you need to ensure that you do not choose a vendor who is entirely not flexible to your needs and ideas. There's a wide range of wedding suppliers available. Therefore, if you do not choose one you like, think about changing the choice. Find vendors willing to work with you to ensure that your wedding day is flawless, precisely as you've imagined it should be. Weddings aren't just complex. They can also be hectic. That's why it is crucial to have people with a flexible schedule.

Speak to experts

Contact us for more details on a comprehensive wedding program. We are seasoned and licensed wedding planners.

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