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The Ultimate Planning Guide and Wedding Timeline for Your 2023 Ceremony

Has your wedding day countdown started? Congratulations on your engagement! The thought of planning a superb wedding might seem dreamy and breezy. But the actual task can be rather overwhelming, even though it's a fun and enjoyable experience for the couple. The weddings can just be a couple of months away, or you have half a year to plan it, but there are still many things to decide, depending on how large you want your wedding to be.

It's normal to be lost in the middle of so many things. How do couples stay updated with everything? Every grand wedding needs to have a checklist in place to stay organized. So here is a comprehensive wedding timeline for you to pull off the big day in style.

If you are planning a big wedding to make your dream come to life, hiring a wedding planner is advised. They are professionals who can walk you through every aspect of the wedding, and they can avail you of all the best suppliers for your wedding type in the locality; basically, they will take overall responsibility for your wedding day arrangement. Hiring wedding planners will give you peace of mind so you don't appear stressed on your wedding day and fully enjoy the whole process with your family and friends.

Here is a wedding checklist for you on a 12 months wedding planning timeline after your engagement. This would give you a general guideline for planning your big day without any hectic schedule.

· Booking the Venue and potential suppliers

It's 12 months before your wedding, time to do some research and visit the wedding venue to confirm a date with them. Apart from your set budget, consider wedding insurance options. Research your options for photo and videographer, wedding décor, music, florist, cake, makeup, and invitations supplier. Book with your videographer well in advance.

· Preparing guest lists and contacting décor hire

Just 8 to 10 months before your wedding day, it's time to make arrangements for the reception. So finish booking with your DJ band, wedding singer, etc. Next, prepare your guest list and look into booking accommodations for your guests. Contact the décor hire to rent supplies that match your wedding theme ideas. Meet your cake supplier for tasting and place an order.

· Trying wedding dresses and planning a honeymoon

6 to 8 months before, look into a wedding dress or groom’s suit and place your order. Plan your honeymoon and update your passports. Arrange a wedding party to celebrate with people who are going to coordinate with your wedding arrangements. Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen's dresses.

· Ordering wedding invitations and organizing legalities

Just 4 to 6 months before the wedding day, order your wedding invitations. Confirm with your florists to make the arrangement beforehand. Give your registrar at least 3 months' notice to arrange wedding legalities. Organize transportation facilities for the wedding. Plan your hairdressing and makeup trial before booking your stylist.

· Organizing dresses and accessories

Just 2 to 3 months before the wedding, it's time to send out the wedding invitations and confirm your guest list. Order your wedding rings and go for your dress and groom's suit fitting. Prepare gift ideas for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other relatives. Purchase all the accessories for your wedding day appearance. Organize things for the flower girls and page boys. Plan to taste the menus with your caterer.

· Take pre-wedding shots

3 to 4 weeks before the wedding, go for the last wedding dress fitting. Make a final review of your guest list and contact all the suppliers to finalize all the details for making all the necessary adjustments. Prepare for a day of taking pre-wedding shots and take the opportunity to discuss what kind of photos you want to capture on the big day.

· Confirm all vendors and wedding rehearsal

Just one week before the nuptials, confirm the arrangements with all the supply vendors, and go over the seating plan with the wedding venue and reception venue coordinator. Go for all the necessary beauty preparation and rewind with a relaxing massage spa. Prepare your luggage for the honeymoon. Moreover, hold a wedding rehearsal 2 to 3 days before the wedding.

· The wedding day

On the big day, present gifts to your loved ones. Make sure your flowers are delivered to you on time, and confirm the wedding rings are on the best hand until the ceremony. Sort out all the payments with your best man and bridesmaid. Get your family member or close relative with the photographer's contact just in case their team needs assistance. Now it's time to exchange vows with your partner. Say thank you to your guests during the reception.

You can be ready for hassle-free 2023 matrimony with a proper wedding checklist timeline. Hire a wedding planner to make your wedding planning process a breeze compared to doing it yourself. Make the process less stressful and more fun by following this structured timeline.


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