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Your Luxury Wedding on a Budget

Consider a suitable date patiently. The day you choose to go on in June is likely to be expensive! You should consider alternative days like Friday, Thursday, or Sunday. It can help you save 20-30 percent, particularly if you are planning a wedding for November or between January and March. Also, remember off-peak prices are available to florists, photographers, and catering.

Selecting a unique venue

Everything starts with the place. Pick a unique place for your Wedding in Koh Samui that will allow you to spend less money on decor. Consider art galleries or botanical gardens. Also, think about historic residences.

Go for the Exotic

Consider a destination Wedding in Koh Samui organized by The Garden of Eden Thailand. This can reduce the guest list so you can allocate money for food, activities, and your wedding location.

No need for a sit-down dinner

Sit-down meals can cost a lot of money rapidly. Instead, You can consider a posh cocktail reception with a smaller group of waiters serving appetizers and hors d'oeuvres served on serving platters. It will save you money on the full-service catering and the total price per guest.

A Fabulous Brunch Menu

If you're sure you'll want to eat a meal at a table, consider brunch menus. The cost can be several hundred dollars less than a dinner meal! Sometimes, you can get a better deal on the cost of the restaurant during the night because the venue would have had to be empty.

Focusing on Greenery

One of the simplest methods of trimming the cost of your floral arrangements is including more plants. Think of stylish table runners and elegant garlands as an alternative to large-scale flower arrangements. Myrtle, silver dollar eucalyptus, the leatherleaf, sycamore, and grevillea are the only options.

Pick suitable flowers

Most of the flowers you're looking at to get married are duplicates. If, for instance, you're a lover of peonies, then check for "vintage roses" or "cabbage roses." They appear like peonies. However, they're much more affordable.

Adhere to a simple color scheme

Every beautiful and elegant wedding will have one motif - the color palette. Pick two or three hues like champagne, white, and blush, and stay to the colors. This is one of the easiest ways to tie various moving parts. Additionally, it takes excellent photos!

Get details concerning the dress market

If you want to purchase your wedding gown, Bridal expos and sample sales offer discounts if you need help finding any other place. Subscribe early to be informed about upcoming occasions and deals. In contrast, if you wish to hire your dress, check out money-saving websites, such as to rent dresses and to purchase jewelry.

Nix the full bar

A well-stocked bar has a pricey mark. Instead, you can provide wine or beer or offer a unique cocktail that matches the color scheme and theme of the event.

Leverage the power of technology

If you want to be green and economical, send your Save the Dates. After your day, it's more convenient for both you and your guests.

Call us

Contact us to get more information. We are here to address your queries. You can expect a professional approach.

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